I- Electrical Power System  


It  not only a Strong background on Electrical Power System Engineering & its Automation . We  assist  you  on facility, Utilities & Power system Network design, construction  & Management to ensure any  plant continual  efficient operation.

II- Powering  into Solar Energy


It is not just  an association  of  Solar Panels, Inverters, modules supply , We  support  our  customers  by designing  the  complete  solar  power plant   from domestic to  industrial  application  in one  side   and from  installation  to maintenance  on  another side

III- Powering  into Solar Energy R& D


Our experts  are  involved  on multiple  R&D activities  on  the Future  Energy System  to  meet our customers  requirements  in compliance  with   the global world  sustainability. This is  the major strength  of our company.