I - Industrial  Maintenance  & Digitalization Training


Our Knowledge  &   25  Year’s  experience  to  accompany your  company  on daily  Maintenance operation &   Challenges from Preventive   to Predictive Maintenance. We  focus on  dedicate  didactical   approach  using  your  Production lines/Equipment   to reconnect   your Maintenance  team to  fulfil the  Future –Oriented  Industrial IOT fields   so that, they   can self-adapt & stay  technologically connected   not only on worldwide   digital  transformation  but also on maintenance digitalization   to  mitigate  downtime  & to  boost   the  company  Business Opportunities .  

Our Knowledge  &  experience  is  used  to  Powering  your  company & Team   from  Traditional  mindset  into  digital Maintenance mindset 

Find  with  us  the right maintenance &  digitalization training solutions to meet your program’s needs

Our Knowledge  &  25 Year’s experience  Powering  your  company not  Only  into Productivity   But also  on Quality  Impact  to Minimize  Wastes throughout  efficient predictive tools

Ⅲ- R&D on Didactic  from Simple Equipment to Flexible Manufacture System including Production Lines


More than  10 year’s    experience in  Advanced Teachers Training College for Technical Education  and more  than 17 year’s  on  technical, technological  implementation  in  industrial  environment ,  3CM Inter  T&D  team   support, propose  and  provide overall solution such as intelligent equipment and industrial software, intelligent educational equipment,  workbench,  didactical  production line,  online and offline training, curriculum consulting services, for institutions of higher learning,  like vocational colleges, mechanic/ Electrical  colleges, industries.


We  are empowered   by  a great  cooperation  with  Universities , heath care centers  and training  centers   to  develop   didactical / educational  material  link  to  their needs


In  Short  3CM  Inter  T&D’s   team  assist  you  on learning projects from A to Z, From components to function blocks , From kits to training factories  and  Finally  to the level  where  you  can self  design  and build  your  own  Machine .

Electro-hydraulic Workbench

Pneumatic control  System

Electro Pneumatic Trainer Panel

Air Conditioner  Didactic Workbench

Electrical  Power system  and Controls Training  Didactic  Equipment

We offer a  variety of electrical controls training  and training  equipment to help prepare the industrial engineers, operators and maintenance technicians  for    future  industrial requirements .  Our expert consultants can help you build a controls training curriculum that provides hands-on training on the  wiring and troubleshooting of an electrical controls system. We  propose  and  provide overall solutions  in manufacturing and trading Engineering Educational Equipment, Technical Teaching Equipment, Vocational Training Equipment, Didactic Equipment for University, College, Technical institution,  Polytechnics and others  educational centers .

Didactic Flexible Manufacture System  &  Production Lines .

If  you  need  to  easily adapt changes in the type and quantity of the product being manufactured.  We  advise  you  to move onto  Flexible Manufacturing  System  ( FMS) & production line .  


Our  expert  will  study and develop   Educational  & training solutions  that  meet  your process expectations  on Discrete Manufacturing/ Repetitive Manufacturing/Mass Customization/ Batch Manufacturing./Continuous Manufacturing…


These system can be used for mechatronics course. Including  pneumatic training, electro pneumatic training, system structure design and analysis, PLC program, Profibus control experiment, electro servo mechanical arm simulation…

Full Automatic  Rubber hose  clip   Assembly  and  leak test   machine

 11 stations Educational Equipment Flexible Manufacture System

10 stations Didactic  Multi-purpose Transfer   Assembly Line  ( Automotive  flocking)

Didactical  Laboratory Bench :  Application Automotive  Air  Duct


Ⅳ- In–Service Health Care  Personnel  &  device Training  

Ⅴ-Industrial  Project Management Training  

Ⅵ- Industrial  Installation Implementation  Layout & Flow Optimisation