Referents & Achievements


Technological Referents



It is not just a combination  of latest technology   from Europe & South America.  It is more  than asset of knowledge with 400 MRMB  peak Investment reached in 2012 with  Chinese  OEM support.

Synergy  On achievements



It is   not   only 4  industrial  Plants built and  equipped.  It more than a solid connecting network team with   more than 20 oversea  experts, about  30 Chinese non-standard equipment manufacturers &  4 Proven companies identified for  industrial  building construction projects.

About us


We  are a group of senior experts with dual technical and business skills & E-Skills  in:

● Manufacturing Engineering  Technologies 


● Information and Communication Technologies


● Electrical Power System Engineering & Green Energy Technologies 


● Healthcare  Health Care Products


● Agro–Industries Technologies


● R&D  on Electrical Power Engineering  and its  automation


● Industrial Maintenance,


● Engineering  training  on  didactic  production lines  & Processes


● ​​​​​​​Industrial  Projects Management.


Trade  Opportunities


Technology Connection